About Binaik




Binaik Equity Bhd. was incorporated on 22 January 2001 and listed on the Main Board of the Bursa Malaysia Securities Bhd. on 15 August 2002 as a property counter. Binaik Equity Bhd.’s paid up capital upon listing was RM100million. In 2009, the company went through a voluntary privatisation process and is no more listed in Bursa Malaysia. The company's priority is still to further grow the business & improve competitive positioning in the marketplace.

The Group's portfolio of companies include a number of privately held companies with their principle activities being property development and investments. Jayaplus Bakti Sdn. Bhd. being the main property development subsidiary in Johor Bahru and Bukit Gambir Company Sdn. Bhd. in Muar. The Group started with a small development project in Muar, Johor in 1985. Slowly and steadily the Group has grown and expanded its development throughout Johor. With the help of modern architecture, design and the availability of new materials, the Group with its capable managing team is able to continue to provide premium quality homes.

Our Vision

  • To maintain a high profile and strive to become a leader in property development.
  • To adopt a market-driven approach to provide quality homes.
  • To enhance the Company value to its stakeholders.

Our Mission

  • To be faithful to all shareholders' aspirations for enhancement of shareholders' value.
  • To be a fully integrated one-stop commercial enterprise.
  • To be able to provide a wide and complete range of products and services connected to and supportive of the Group's core activities.