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Subsidiary Companies and its activities

Subsidiary Company Activities
Binaik Yubina Sdn. Bhd.(379582-M) Trading of building materials
Bukit Gambir Company Sdn. Bhd.(5114-D) Producing oil palm products on its plantations, property development and investment holding
Compadu Sdn. Bhd.(312539-D) Property holding and investment
Jayaplus Bakti Sdn. Bhd.(264364-A) Property development and investment holding
Kemuncak Raya Sdn. Bhd.(218117-H) Project consultants and property owners
Maharani Properties Sdn. Bhd.(19800-T) Property development and provision of project management services
Oybina Sdn. Bhd.(110452-H) Investment and property holding
Shin Fa Sdn. Bhd.(15235-U) Investment holding
Subali Development Sdn. Bhd.(56007-X) Investment and property holding
Yubina Sdn. Bhd.(85977-K) Dealers and suppliers of building materials